Saturday, 10 March 2018

Google released their opensource code for Exoplanet hunt

Google released their opensource code for finding exoplanets around the universe. The code is basically a neural network which analyzes the data given to it.

Google have even found the possibility of two exoplanets in real.

This is a big promising evidence to support the idea of machine learning.

Machine learning is the process by which a machine or a computer is learning a particular process while processing is and improves periodically. It is a way of teaching the computer itself to analyse the big data given to them. In short,the machine learns to adapt itself to give more accurate output.

Here, google used the data from Kepler Space telescope operate by NASA. Scientists are hunting down the exoplanets under Kepler mission,to which google themselves paved a contribution.

The code is available in Github

image credits : google

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